More about Abdoh...

Abdoh Taleb earned a Doctoral degree in Neuropharmacology (2018 - 2021) from Nanjing Medical University, School of Pharmacy, China. He studied the pharmacological and toxicological effects of Proparacaine as a novel antiepileptic drug for the treatment of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, under the supervision of (Prof. Feng Han & Qi Gang Zhou).

Abdoh finished his Master's degree in Pharmacology (Cardiovascular pharmacology), (2015 –2018) from China Pharmaceutical University, China. He focused on the the role of “SLM” in inhibiting oxidative stress and inflammatory response in HUVECs via NOX4/MAPKs/NF-κB pathways. Where his Bachelor's degree was in Pharmacy (2005 – 2010) from Sanaa University, Yemen.


Currently, Abdoh is working as a Postdoctoral fellow in Neuroscience & Neuroendocrine Pharmacology  at the University of Limerick, School of Nature Sciences, Ireland (2022 _ present) under the mentorship of Associate Professor George Barreto. The project focuses on the coupling of Neuroscience and “AI” in potentiating the effect of tibolone over neuroglobin signaling in traumatic brain injury.

He is interested in Clinical Pharmacology, Neuropharmacology, Neuroendocrine Pharmacology, Neuroscience, and does research on Oxidative stress; Vascular diseases; Neuropsychiatric disorders, behavioral tests, epilepsy, drug screening, and Brain Injury.

Abdoh has an excellent academic record with a research background, in addition to a number of good publications with more than 400 citations and h-index =8; all of them have been published in SCI journals. And in August 2020, submitted two patents to China National Intellectual Property.