Our lab is a place of hard work, but also fun/work moments....

2024 Bioscience students!!! 

Some sightseeing in Turin - beautiful city!

Getting ready for a talk ;D

Our lab and some new friends :)

Andrew at a very fancy dinner...hope the food was OK?

Andrew presenting a poster...

...and his poster in more details

Oscar also doing a great work...

...his poster looking very interesting!

                                                         SNS24 Steroids and Nervous System - Turin, Italy - 2024                                                   

11th IBRO World Congress of Neuroscience - Granada, Spain, 2023

                                 World Congress of Neuroscience - IBRO, Granada, Spain - 2023                                                    

Global Partnerships in Brain Research, Brussels, 2023

Bioscience Graduates 2022!!!

Neuroscience Summit 2019, University of Limerick

Other nice work/fun moments :D

Neuroscience School, Villa de Leyva and Bogotá, Colombia - 2019

National Congress of Neuroscience (COLNE), Bogotá, Colombia - 2018

Marco's internship at the Cajal Institute (Madrid, Spain)

Marco (former PhD student and now Assistant Professor) and other PhD students from our lab. Wonderful memories!!!

Celebrating George's birthday in the lab with Janneth González and Angélica Sabogal...long time ago!